What our customers have to say...

I've been following the technicians at Maxx Nails for over 10 years as they've moved around the Richmond area. The quality of their work far surpasses any other that I have experienced. They strive to accommodate what you want, have the products and experience you are looking for and will give you exactly what you've come for. I very highly recommend this shop to everyone! ...Carol Ann, Richmond, VA

When I was a child I used to bite my nails and as an adult I always thought I had ugly fingernails. They were not a pretty color and were very soft. A friend introduced me to Maxx Nails to try out the liquid gel technique, I was amazed. That was three years ago, my nails are all mine - no tips - just an overlay of gel. Two years ago I introduced my 80 year old mother to the liquid nail treatment. As an active woman she could not keep her nails in good condition, now she drives an hour and a half every two weeks to get her nails done because she cannot find anyone else to suit her! ... Becky, Richmond, VA

Maxx Nails is the best salon that I have ever used. They have been doing my nails for over 12 years. Over the past 5 years I have lived in Richmond, Baltimore, Miami, Charlotte and Venice (FL) - in every single place I have never been able to find anyone who could do as good of a job as Maxx Nails. They do a superior job! When I am in Richmond I always schedule time to get my pedicure and nails done! ...Gayle, Venice, FL

In 28 years I have never experienced any other nail salon that compares. With such an open environment, top of the line products, attention to detail and genuine care - Maxx Nails is the nicest, cleanest, most efficient, Bang-for-your-buck nail salon in Richmond! ...Noelle, Manakin-Sabot, VA


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